Sunday Streets Berkeley Program Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in participating in Sunday Streets Berkeley! Sunday Streets relies on the leadership of neighborhood and merchant associations, civic and community organizations, small businesses and local leaders to provide an array of programs and activities along each Sunday Streets routes. We appreciate these contributions that make each Sunday Streets event a unique experience for the thousands of participants in this program.

Sunday Streets: a very different type of street festival
Open Streets events are unlike any kind of conventional street festival you’ve seen before. Activities and tables will generally be in the parking lane, leaving the roadways clear for pedestrians, bikers, skaters, etc. There won’t be sound stages, outside food or craft vendors. Participants - performers, tablers, activity leaders bring all equipment themselves - and involvement is volunteer-based. The idea of Open Streets is to create a car-free public space so that people are inspired to use the space, the sheer volume of foot traffic and curious, exploratory frame of mind people are in to interact with the community in creative, active ways. Anything set up at Sunday Streets Berkeley is meant to be fairly nimble and mobile.

Guidelines for leading an activity, performance or doing outreach at Sunday Streets:

To apply as an official Sunday Streets Activity Leader, or confirm activities with amplified sound, please contact Sunday Streets: emunahhauser at

Activity Leader and Community Outreach opportunities are limited to local organizations or small businesses based in Berkeley with fewer than 5 retail outlets. Larger businesses, franchises and chain retail businesses may participate by becoming a Sunday Streets Sponsor.

Contact: sundaystreetsberkeley at gmail for more information.

·    Official Programs: Any Sunday Streets activity promoted in Sunday Streets Activity Guides, website and/or other outreach materials requires proof of insurance and a certificate of additional insured indemnifying the City of Berkeley, Sunday Streets Berkeley and Livable Berkeley from any legal exposure.
·    Local Groups may set up info tables in designated areas along the route. Insurance and pre registration not required. We do not allow for profit marketing or sales of any kind, and no structures (such as tents, stages) may be set up on the route – only tables or displays under 6 feet tall.
·    Performers: Insurance is not required for performances, however, if amplified sound is involved, you must contact Sunday Streets staff so the location and amplification equipment is included on Sunday Streets sound permit. No structures or stages may be set up on the route.
·    Spontaneous and unofficial activities: To encourage greater participation by the community, people are invited to conduct activities along the route as they so choose. Sunday Streets assumes no responsibility for these activities, so no insurance documentation is required. No tents or other structures may be set up and amplified sound must be approved in advance.

Program guidelines:

·    No structures may be set up in the street or on the sidewalks. Programs may use the parking lane but must not block access or visibility of active storefronts or residences behind the area in use.
·    Program activity areas will be established on wide roadways or program inset areas on streets adjacent to each route. Unofficial programs may be asked to re-locate if the area is reserved for another activity or if it interferes with other activities or performances nearby.
·    All amplified activities must have prior approval. We locate performances to avoid conflict with other activities, churches, residents and or other establishments within earshot of the sound as needed.
·    No distribution of food or beverages to the general public is permitted, even if offered for free.
·    To keep Sunday Streets as commercial free as possible, we do not allow merchandising, marketing or sales of any kind (outside of shops and local businesses on the route).
·    Sunday Streets reserves the right to intervene if dangerous activities such as anything using open
flame or presents the risk of serious injury to participants or the general public at the event.

Live music and performances:

1. Performance-based activities must include an interactive element, such as participant dancing, dance lessons or other physical activity involving the audience - Sunday Streets is about getting people involved in healthy physical activities, live music or performances without interactive elements will be given a lower priority for placement along the route.

2. All activities involving amplified sound must have prior approval- the location, type of sound equipment and sounds amplified must be included on our permit;

3. Amplified sound generating activities may not be placed within earshot to any of the following:
·    Place of worship (Sundays are busy church days and we cannot disrupt their activities)
·    Active storefront
·    Residences without prior clearance from the occupants

4. All activities must be fully self-sufficient, including access to power to run equipment. Sunday Streets does not have access to electricity, generators or other equipment.

5. No stage or other structure may be set up on any part of Sunday Streets’ route. All activities need to be set up in a way to allow for free flow of participant traffic on the streets, in the parking lane or program inset area, and allowing a minimum of 4 feet clearance on the sidewalks at all times.

We will work to accommodate all kinds of activities and performances at Sunday Streets and program activity areas will be established on wide roadways or program inset areas on side streets adjacent to each route. Unofficial programs may be asked to re-locate if the area is reserved for another activity.

Certificate of Insurance: Each program leader must provide proof of General Liability insurance covering your designated activities to be performed at Sunday Streets in the amount of $1 Million dollars per occurrence/$2 Million aggregate.

Certificate of Additional Insured: This insurance must also cover Sunday Streets representing agencies via Certificate of Additional Insured. You can request this Certificate from your insurance broker, with the following entities listed on it: “Livable Berkeley, Sunday Streets Berkeley, the City of Berkeley and County of Alameda, their respective officers, agents and employees” as additional insureds;

Please send copies to info at