FAQ - Performers

Is there a budget for performers?
We very much encourage musicians and bands to perform along the route. Let us know what you are planning to do, and we may be able to promote you in marketing materials.
Amplified sound is permitted with permission and permits via Sunday Streets Berkeley.

Performers - or "Activity Leaders" as they're known at Sunday Streets Berkeley - are volunteers and are not paid for their time or services provided during Sunday Streets Berkeley. We encourage Sunday Streets Berkeley attendees to support Activity Leader’s projects and permit banners and availability of information or coupons for these local businesses or organizations.

Will there be stages?
No structures of that kind will be provided, or allowed.

Will there be any backline (PA, instruments)?
Participants - performers, tablers, and activity leaders bring all equipment themselves. We highly recommend you bring  extension cords if you partner with a merchant for power.

All activities must be fully self-sufficient, including access to power to run equipment. Sunday Streets Berkeley does not have access to generators or other equipment. For larger bands, we might be able to help connect you with a power source via a restaurant or store along the route. Contact us here.

Sunday Streets: a very different type of street festival
Open Streets events are unlike any kind of conventional street festival you’ve seen before. Activities and tables will generally be in the parking lane, leaving the roadways clear for pedestrians, bikers, skaters, etc. There won’t be sound stages, outside food or craft vendors. This is because Sunday Streets is intended to be fairly mobile and nimble. The idea of Open Streets is to create a car-free public space so that musicians, artists, and group activity leaders are inspired to use the space, the sheer volume of foot traffic and curious, exploratory frame of mind people are in to interact with the community in creative, active ways.