What can I do during Sunday Streets to attract customers?

We want local businesses to benefit from these events, so we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to attract more customers by:

  • Offering special promotions
  • A-frame signs in the street promoting special menus, dishes
  • Creating a special food item that is easy to grab-and-go (People like to be where the action is in the streets and are inclined to buy what they perceive as quick and portable) 
  • Making the front of your business attractive and welcoming with signs, banners, or other decorations. The City does not allow any structures to be placed on the sidewalk in front of your business unless you have a temporary occupancy permit to do so.
  • Cafe-style seating, tables and chairs in the parking spots in front of your shops and restaurants do not require permits and are highly encouraged!

We encourage merchants to sell out of their storefronts. Vending on the street of any kind is not allowed.

Will there be restrooms provided?
Yes.  There will be portable toilets, including ADA accessible ones, along the route.

What about trash?
We work with the Downtown Berkeley Association & the North Shattuck Association to put out extra trash and recycling bins and they are removed after the event. Since this is not a street fair with vendors selling products we have not seen any littering problems.

Will there be extra police or security?
There will be a number of Police Officers and enforcement personnel responsible for traffic control throughout the route. Sunday Streets is a low key family oriented event. San Francisco has been holding Sunday Streets for 5 years and thus far, there has not been a single incident requiring SFPD intervention.


Is Sunday Streets Berkeley a street fair or street festival? No, not in the traditionally used sense of these phrases. The focus of the event is physical activity and community engagement in the streets. The beauty of this is that participating in and enjoying the event is not defined by spending money and consumption . . . yet businesses on and near the route tend to do very well on the day and beyond. Outside vendors are not permitted, so Open Streets events very much celebrate existing local businesses.  



What are the hours? 
The roadways of the route will be car free from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. We will work very closely with the Berkeley Police Department to make sure that the event begins and ends on time. Vehicle traffic returns immediately after the roads are clear of event participants.

Will there be tow-a-way zones? 
Yes. Routes will be signed as no parking zones. Signage will g
o up a minimum of one week before the event and the no parking hours will be from early that morning until after the event concludes. 

Will all cross streets be closed to cars?
No. We will allow cross traffic at some intersections and others will be closed. Sunday Streets volunteers work with Berkeley Police and Dept. of Parking and Traffic personnel to provide local access to residents and businesses adjacent to the route, otherwise there will be no vehicular access between 10am and 4pm on the route itself.