For Activity Leaders

Who may participate as an Activity Leader?
Any individual, non-profit organization or locally based single shop business may provide an interactive activity for Sunday Streets Berkeley. Larger businesses (e.g. businesses with multiple locations, franchises, or chains) are welcome too - check out our sponsor page for options to participate. 

Are there costs involved?
We ask that all Activity Leaders be completely self-sufficient in running their activity, which means bringing all needed equipment, staffing and supplies required for your event. Participation is free to all local non-profits, community organizations, and independently owned, locally based, single shop businesses. Larger businesses can participate and be an important support for this non-profit, community event through sponsorship.

All of the Activity Leaders are volunteers and are not paid for their time or services provided during Sunday Streets Berkeley. We encourage people attending Sunday Streets Berkeley to support Activity Leaders' businesses, and permit banners and distribution of information or coupons for these local businesses or organizations. 

Is a 'Certificate of Additional Insured' required? 
Activities involving the public in physical activity must provide a ‘Certificate of Additional Insured’. Insurance is required for all activities involving the public at Sunday Streets Berkeley.

Each program leader must provide proof of General Liability Insurance covering your designated activities to be performed at Sunday Streets in the amount of $1 Million dollars per occurrence/$2Million aggregate. This insurance must also cover Sunday Streets representing agencies via Certificate of Additional Insured.

You can request this Certificate from your insurance broker, with the following entities listed on it: "Livable Berkeley, Sunday Streets Berkeley, the City of Berkeley, and County of Alameda their respective officers, agents, and employees" as additional insureds.


Sunday Streets, c/o North Shattuck Association
1700 Shattuck Ave. #318
Berkeley, CA 94706

Please email this certificate to SundayStreetsBerkeley at

What kinds of Activities are encouraged?
We emphasize activities that encourage physical activity, stimulate interest in healthy, safety and the environment, and are interactive and fun.

Activity areas include:
Pet programming
Kid’s activities
Fitness & Yoga
Team Sports demonstrations

Theater and other performance arts
Visual arts
Community Based Organization information tables
Other, TBD

For Performers

Musicians and bands?
We encourage musicians and bands to busk along the route. Let us know what you are planning to do, and we may be able to promote you in marketing materials. Amplified sound is permitted with permission and permits via Sunday Streets Berkeley.

What is prohibited?
• Activities that are conducted for primarily for marketing purposes that do not enhance the event (this is to keep the event commercial free and focused on fitness and fun).
• Vending of any kind
• Charging for services rendered at Sunday Streets
• “Selling through” activity space provided to paying sponsors for your activity without approval by Sunday Streets organizers
• Equipment that requires additional permits (eg generators, sound systems, stage) without approval from event organizers
• Food or beverage sampling without approval from event organizers
• No booths, tables or other structures may be set up in the roadway or blocking the sidewalk
Sunday Streets organizers can address any questions about proposed activities and will work with Activity Leaders to develop programs that are appropriate, safe and fun.

What about political campaigns?
Activities on behalf of political candidates and initiatives are encouraged at Sunday Streets, however, the Sunday Streets may not provide any materials or support on behalf of any campaign, initiative or candidate. Political activities may take place at any publicly accessible location as long as they are not blocking participant access or set up in a location that has been assigned to an official Sunday Streets activity. No structures may be set up in the roadway or on the sidewalks.

How are Activities marketed?
On our website, through social media, flyers, calendar and press outreach for the event as a whole.

Additional guides are handed out the day of the event. We encourage Activity Leaders to proactively promote your individual event through your networks, such as:
• Making a flier or poster with your activity details and posting it in places where you work or visit; for instance, Yoga instructors should post info at Yoga studios and local gyms.
• Social networking sites, such as Facebook, My Space, Twitter;
• Listing on online calendars and posting on blogs targeted towards those who are interested in your activity, such as Yoga and Fitness sites and blogs, websites for parents, etc.

Is there a budget for performers?
We very much encourage musicians and bands to perform along the route. Let us know what you are planning to do, and we may be able to promote you in marketing materials. Amplified sound is permitted with permission and permits via Sunday Streets Berkeley.

Performers - or "Activity Leaders" as they're known at Sunday Streets Berkeley - are volunteers and are not paid for their time or services provided during Sunday Streets Berkeley. We encourage Sunday Streets Berkeley attendees to support Activity Leader’s projects and permit banners and availability of information or coupons for these local businesses or organizations.

Will there be stages?
The only stages allowed are those located at the very ends of the route, which have been officially permitted as part of the event. No other structures of that kind will be provided, or allowed.

Will there be any backline (PA, instruments)? 
Participants - performers, tablers, and activity leaders bring all equipment themselves. We highly recommend you bringextension cords if you partner with a merchant for power.

All activities must be fully self-sufficient, including access to power to run equipment. Sunday Streets Berkeley does not have access to generators or other equipment. For larger bands, we might be able to help connect you with a power source via a restaurant or store along the route. Contact us here.

Sunday Streets: a very different type of street festival
Open Streets events are unlike any kind of conventional street festival you’ve seen before. Activities and tables will generally be in the parking lane, leaving the roadways clear for pedestrians, bikers, skaters, etc. There won’t be sound stages, outside food or craft vendors. This is because Sunday Streets is intended to be fairly mobile and nimble. The idea of Open Streets is to create a car-free public space so that musicians, artists, and group activity leaders are inspired to use the space, the sheer volume of foot traffic and curious, exploratory frame of mind people are in to interact with the community in creative, active ways.

For Merchants and Restaurants

What can I do during Sunday Streets to attract customers?

We want local businesses to benefit from these events, so we encourage you to take advantage of the opportunity to attract more customers by:

  • Offering special promotions
  • A-frame signs in the street promoting special menus, dishes
  • Creating a special food item that is easy to grab-and-go (People like to be where the action is in the streets and are inclined to buy what they perceive as quick and portable) 
  • Making the front of your business attractive and welcoming with signs, banners, or other decorations. The City does not allow any structures to be placed on the sidewalk in front of your business unless you have a temporary occupancy permit to do so.
  • Cafe-style seating, tables and chairs in the parking spots in front of your shops and restaurants do not require permits and are highly encouraged!

We encourage merchants to sell out of their storefronts. Vending on the street of any kind is not allowed.

What about trash? 
We work with the Downtown Berkeley Association & the North Shattuck Association to put out extra trash and recycling bins and they are removed after the event. Since this is not a street fair with vendors selling products we have not seen any littering problems.

Will there be extra police or security? 
There will be a number of Police Officers and enforcement personnel responsible for traffic control throughout the route. Sunday Streets is a low key family oriented event. San Francisco has been holding Sunday Streets for 5 years and thus far, there has not been a single incident requiring SFPD intervention.

Is Sunday Streets Berkeley a street fair or street festival? No, not in the traditionally used sense of these phrases. The focus of the event is physical activity and community engagement in the streets. The beauty of this is that participating in and enjoying the event is not defined by spending money and consumption . . . yet businesses on and near the route tend to do very well on the day and beyond. Outside vendors are not permitted, so Open Streets events very much celebrate existing local businesses.  

What are the hours? 
The roadways of the route will be car free from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. We will work very closely with the Berkeley Police Department to make sure that the event begins and ends on time. Vehicle traffic returns immediately after the roads are clear of event participants.

Will there be tow-a-way zones? 
Yes. Routes will be signed as no parking zones. Signage will go up a minimum of one week before the event and the no parking hours will be from early that morning until after the event concludes. 

Will all cross streets be closed to cars?
No. We will allow cross traffic at some intersections and others will be closed. Sunday Streets volunteers work with Berkeley Police and Dept. of Parking and Traffic personnel to provide local access to residents and businesses adjacent to the route, otherwise there will be no vehicular access between 10am and 4pm on the route itself.

For Non-Profits

Sunday Streets Berkeley welcomes non-profit community organizations providing interactive activities and information tables. There is no fee or form to fill out for participation.

We’ll have fairly loosely assigned spots for non-profit tables. The main guideline is to not place yourself in front of any open storefront. Also, no structures - canopies, tents etc besides tables are to be set up.

Interactive activity leaders get priority placement! Please see FAQ Activity Leaders for more information on providing an interactive activity and email if you would like to table or provide an activity.